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Sharp & Irresistible  Absolute Breakthrough

Best Choice for the Myopes - Sable Prescription Swimming Goggles


Product Introduction

Falcon is the fastest moving animal on earth, its flying speed is over 320 kilometeres per hour. It can attack the flying birds as fast as missile. Falcon has mustachio beneath the eyes, it can prevent the dazzles from affecting its accuracy. It can also hunting under the dim light at night, perhaps it is the only day moving animal that hunting at night. When
the racer put on Falcon-100, he will be able to beat the competitors sharp and irresistible in millimeters just as Falcon.

SF-100 MPT C6 red

SF-100 MPT C1 black SF-100 MPT C3  blue SF-100 MPT CB  Purple 

Product Identity

  • The design concept of SF-100MT nose bridge comes from the mouth of falcon, it can break the water sharply; compact frame with the hydrodynamic design, allows the water flow smoothly along  come out from the conductive line thus, reduces the pressure while diving. The tail portion design of  SF-100MT of frame just like the pillar shape tail wing of Falcon, it reduces the water turbulence and smoothen the water current.
  • The brand new SABLE racing gasket achieve the ultra wide vision, reduces the dazzle reflection. Rib design on the side of new gasket for enhancement, provides comfort and will not turn inside out while diving.Absolute flat lens allows you to have same prescription diopters above and below wate.
  • SF-100MPT uses the RS-3MPL superb multi coated technology, it can filter the strong sun light, mixed light and dazzling reflected from different directions. Allow lights penetrate softly to have clear vision under strong light or indoor.
  • Customized prescription diopters varies from -1.5 ~ -10.0 diopters, graduated by -0.5 for -1.5 ~ -7.0, and graduated by -1.0 for -7.0 ~ -10.0;.Aspherical lenses were applied for above -4.0. Water repellence technology keeps the same clear vision when you breathe fresh air.
  • Lenses treated by hydrophilic anti-fog treatment, non-irritation to eyes, allows you to have clear vision and suitable for long term wearing.Nose Bridge sizes S, M, L, XL are suitable for PD Value 61 ~ 70mm.
  • Top quality silicon gasket、head strap, high elastic and comfortable. Embossed dots on the head strap allows you to adjust strap easy and fast.
  • Fixed direction patented side buckle can adjust the angle easily.Racing  Double straps holds firmly to your head.
  • Taiwan Patent No: M277486

Material  list 

SF-100 Series Material List
Lens ………PC Gasket…….Silicone
Frame……… PC Rear Buckle … PC
Nose Bridge…PU Side Buckle … PU
Head Strap …….Silicone
Bottom case … PC
Packing Case..
Top Cover … ABS

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