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The Origin

According to the prevalent nearsightedness studies, it is reasonable to depict that about one billion people in the world are myopic¹. The situation is even more serious in some Asian countries, such as China, than in western

industrialized countries, such as the United States and EU. The rates are rising in all ethnic groups²³. A World Health Organization (WHO) report also estimated that the number of people with impaired vision (nearsightedness,

farsightedness and astigmatism) would involve 50% world population by 2020⁴.VISION 2020 has been initiated to resolve the epidemic by providing right corrective glasses.

Away from myopia by wearing optically correct lenses

On land, one would normally choose a correct pair of prescription glasses in order to see things clearly; however, one might not intend to, or might not be able to, purchase a pair of optically correct goggles when swimming. Unlike reading or studying, a pair of correct swimming goggles is sometimes considered as unnecessary. As a result, one may resort to wearing swimming goggles over contact lenses causing inconvenience and concerns for hygiene. Moreover, when doing water sports in outdoor and open water, the risk to safety is even higher due to higher possibility of being hit by waves or other objectives. This practice could well bring damage to one’s eyes and body although the intention was to exercise and stay healthy.

Safety and comfort are vital for swimmers

Not only can a good pair of swimming goggles correct nearsightedness but it can also provide protection from impact and harmful UV rays. If one can see clearly both above and below water, then one could avoid unexpected

dangers. Also, one would feel more comfortable with less eye adjustments required when getting in and out of water. Together with other technologies such as anti-fog, shatter resistant, and anti-UV, a good pair of prescription

goggles could improve one’s safety and comfort.

The difficulties of prescription swimming goggles sales in market

The distributors of ordinary optic shops are lack of professional knowledge for swim, and have insufficient inventories, it’s not able to offer a ride-thru customized service, not suitable for the sports people’s habits, so sell few myopia swimming goggles. At present, the main selling channels of sport shops、swim equipment stores、markets does not have the professional knowledge of optical glasses and measuring eyes degree, it’s hard to obtain the consumers’ trust. Therefore, consumers are difficult to have a good myopia swimming goggles in markets.

The market use wrong thought and methods to sell prescription swimming goggles

  1. There are almost above 50% myopes with different power of left and right eye, but most selling channels are unable to offer custom-made service for consumers and force them to buy the swimming goggles with same power for both eyes.
  2. The sales doesn’t know water optic and often request consumers to buy the prescription swimming goggles by reducing 50~100 power from normal eyes power, they don’t consider the shortage of insufficient eyesight.
  3. There are many myopes choose wearing contact lens and zero diopter swimming goggles in stead of prescription ones.

Sable break through limit!
Make a custom-made prescription swimming goggles as an optic glasses

Since 2001, Sable developed the modularization to make the prescription swimming goggles same as an optic glasses, you may have multi-functional、multi-shapes、multi-colors lenses and frames to offer a custom made prescription swimming goggles for consumers. We establish “Sable Myopia Swimming Goggles Custom-made Prescription System" , and launch “Sable Myopia Swimming Goggles Prescription Center" into the market, too. Let consumers experience to resolve the difficulties of sales for myopia swimming goggles in markets, and also provide the most quick and convenient service for prescription swimming goggles to consumers.

"Myopia Swimming Goggles Custom-made Prescription System" break though the market difficulties

In 2013, we observed the shortage on selling prescription swimming goggles in current market, thus, we establish “Sable Prescription Center” with our partners and also launch “Myopia Swimming Goggles Custom-made Prescription System" into the market to resolve the difficulties of sales for prescription swimming goggles in markets, and provide the most quick and convenient service to consumers.


  1. Saw SM, et al. (2005) Incidence and progression of myopia in Singaporean school children. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.
  2. Anne D. Walling (2002), “Shortsightedness: a review of causes and interventions,” American Family Physician.
  3. American Optometric Association (2007) “Laser Surgery Can Correct Nearsightedness,” HealthDay News.
  4. World Health Organization (2006) Report.



Eradiate Enterprise Co., Ltd. is awarded for “TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2014” for the “CUSTOM-MADE MYOPIA SWIMMING GOGGLES PRESCRIPTION SYSTEM”. We are the first company to get the prize for Leisure, Education and Sporting Goods in the eyes-glasses field.


The industrial structure of Taiwan began to change in the mid-1980's due to economic liberalization and internationalization. To support the transformation of the local industries, the MOEA sought to increase the added-value of Taiwan's products and Taiwan's international competitiveness by actively supporting improvements to product quality, design, and image. Three 5-year plans were therefore successively launched after 1988: the "Quality Enhancement Plan" (from 1988), "Product Design Ability Enhancement Plan" (from 1989) and "Image Enhancement Plan" (from 1990). Under the "Image Enhancement Plan," the "Taiwan Excellence Award" was established by the MOEA in 1992 as the common symbol for representing to the international audience quality products from Taiwan. "R&D," "Design," "Quality," and "Marketing" were determined as the four categories by which "Taiwan Excellence" candidates should be judged. Products selected by the judges for the award were allowed to use the "Taiwan Excellence Mark" for promotional purposes in Taiwan and overseas.

relations, and exhibitions to strengthen the impression made by Taiwan Excellence on international buyers. In 2006 the MOEA expanded the "Image Enhancement Plan" to become the "Branding Taiwan Campaign." "Taiwan Excellence" and "National Product Image Award" were also merged at this time. The move combined "Taiwan Excellence," a traditional product mark, with the "National Product Image Award," a product award, and unified both under the name of the "Taiwan Excellence Award."

The aim to develop and design “Custom-made Myopia Swimming Goggles Prescription Center” is to resolve the difficulties for prescription swimming goggles sales, and offer the myopia swimmers more quick and convenient prescription service. “Custom-made Myopia Swimming Goggles Prescription System” includes five functions: display for modularized prescription lenses、frames and accessories, consumers can DIY to experience, sales work platform, custom-made service, consumers get the prescription swimming goggles immediately, stock and purchase management. In 2013, we established the service locations, named “Sable Myopia Swimming Goggles Prescription Center”, combine with our closed partners in the channels to launch the platform into the markets, offer the custom-made and innovative service to myopia swimmers.

In 2000 Sable has developed RS Series products which was specially designed for the myopic swimmers with the concept of Health, Recreation, Fashion. RS represents Recreational Swimming Spectacles. Following the service concept of making common optical glasses for daily usage, Sable lenses and frames are detachable and swappable. It provides customers with multi function、multi style、multi color frames、accessories and three kind of lenses with prescription diopters to choose. Sable allows myopic swimmers to customize their own myopic swimming goggles.

Since 1986, Eradiate established swimming goggles with Sable branding, has been professionally developed products by innovating and industry-leading research, and development resources on perfusion at the near field of optical products, offer the service to our myopia swimming groups, strive for clearer, more comfortable and stylish. Consumers may have more choices of excellent products. We also won the best swimming goggles in New York Times, TSMA fashion innovation awards, China Expo of the year award. We sponsor the professional Triathlon runner, swimmer or a general consumer support, these are the biggest driving force to promote Sable progress.

The recognition of the economic assessment unit of the Department, as a representative of Taiwan part of the boutique brand, Sable will work harder, let the whole world agree that we have high quality manufacturing processes and our brand in Taiwan.

Want to know more details about Sable Excellence Award, please click below the links:


The TaiSPO 2014 ALL STARS—Innovation's Stage of Excellence Competition is held in conjunction with the 2014 Taipei Int'l Sporting Goods Show (TaiSPO 2014). It adds greater depth to TaiSPO by recognizing Taiwan manufacturers' dedication to R&D and innovative creations. The Stage also provides valuable product references to the sporting goods industry professionals across the globe. At the same time, we are also awarded for the “2014 TaiSPO ALL STARS – Innovation’s Stage of Excellence”, it proves that Sable create a new system to solve the difficulty for selling the myopia swimming goggles and help consumers to have the custom-made myopia swimming goggles instantly.

Sable is not only great honored for the products selected this year, but also had won the crowning glory "Award of Excellence".

▲ On March 5th, President Mu of Sable, represent our team to accept Mr. Shen Rong Jin, the Vice Minister of Economic Affairs awarded 2014 Innovation Trophy.in the opening ceremony

▲ At the afternoon that day, President Mu represented our team to accept the Excellence Award.

Innovative Product Selection (TaiSPO Awards of Excellence)

This activity was the 32nd (2005) Taipei international sporting goods show, sponsored by CETRA exhibition activities. It also encourages manufacturers to develop high quality products, and assist buyers to get procure quality supply. The difference from "Taiwan TSMA Award” is the registration qualification for this item levy selected activities, not limited to exhibitors of manufacturers, and each related Association and the manufacturers of Association can priority obtained the advantage to exposure in the "Exhibition News".

The registration key point for Sable is prescription swimming goggles, the "unlimited" concept, custom-made is not only for all the appropriate powers or plain goggles, cover the multi choices of function/performance/out looking/color the myriad options to meet consumer’s need.

Innovative products (Inno-Product Gallery)

The exhibition divided into dynamic "innovative product performance" and static "innovative products display area", it was established in 2004 for the first time, later in 2005, organized together with the innovative product selection. The dynamic part was held 20 different products for three days before the exhibition display and will be interspersed with different sports activities; static parts is at 1F and 2F area, according to product type differences, there are 20 entries selected which were not presented in the past to display in different static area.

▲ This award-winning of the "Sable modularized myopia swimming goggles sales platform", except for showing on the stand and display explanations in this region.


Infinite of choices

『∞』 is a mathematical symbol, the word "Infinite" derived from the Latin word "infinitas". How does SABLE products achieve "Infinite Combination", "infinite Function" and "infinite Vision"? Today, we will decrypt this secret! Starting 2001, SABLE has developed the "infinity" design concept by creating three series of full featured modular prescription lenses. Aiming at myopia swimmers' needs, SABLE launched new generations of products: SABLE 100, 101, 923, 924, 961, 962…etc..

These products were able to provide our customers with multi-functions, multi-styles, multi-color frames with infinite combinations. Making our best effort to provide swimmers with tailor made swimming goggles. With over a decade of development efforts and market testing, SABLE has won the 2014 "National Elite Product Award", and we are the first and only winner in this category in 22 years! We have proved to the market that "infinity can create classic"!



Five Key Functions and Procedures:

SPC five functions

SPC“Sable Modularized Myopia Swimming Goggles Sales Platform”resolve the difficulties for physical channels on selling swimming goggles, and offer the creative and complete service for swimming goggles sales, including five function areas: “Product Display Area”、“Experience Area”、“Custom Made Area”、“Safety Stock Area”and“After Service Area”.

Introduction for five function areas:

Product Display Area

▲ The front shelf displays all product series, the rear shelf displays frames and accessories.

Experience Area

▲ There are three functions prescription lenses from -1.5~-10.0; many functional frames for selections.

Custom Made Area

▲ Made available all new prescription lenses with different power, and functional colorful frames, can offer instant delivery.

Safety Stock Area

▲ Safety stock is in place for over one week needs and thus always provide Customers with complete product line.

After Service Area

▲ There are many models, sizes nose bridge and clips accessories can offer quick service.



SPC Method of Operation

Since 2001, Sable developed the modularization to make the prescription swimming goggles same as an optic glasses, you may have multi-functional、multi-shapes、multi-colors lenses and frames to offer a custom made prescription swimming goggles for consumers. We combine our closed partners in the channels to launch the platform into the market, resolve the difficulties of prescription swimming goggles sales, and provide a quick and convenient prescription service.

Introduction of Procedures

1.To Experience:

▲ Select and try on correct lenses, frames, nose bridges and adjust head-strap.

2.Custom Made Immediately

▲ The salesman assembles the chosen lenses and frames on spot and deliver to our customer immediately.

Display and Stock Management

▲ There is a management system for the products displayed and safety stocks, it is designed to go "from left to right, from top to bottom" with coding numbers. When "Product Display Area" is in low stock, it can be refilled from the inner box of "Safety Stock Area". The display is always in a full and complete condition.

3.Sales and Purchase Management

▲ The store can make an inventory review base on run out of stock from the "Safety Stock Area" ; the system provides sales and inventory nformation promptly to facilitate the selling in process.