Personalized Customization Of Sable Swimming Goggles
Update:2010-12-22 00:00:00

Allows you to select a swimming goggles exactly the same as myopic optical glasses. Myopic swimmers has been searching the freedom of swimming goggles with favorite style、color、frame, and the corrected prescription diopters for each eye to completely match their requirement. However, the myopic prescription goggles must fit with face shape, comfortable, non-leakage, with various in style and color, plus the requirement of different prescription diopters. Mass inventory and the labor cost for customer service which the store carried making it very difficult for the management of channel sales. The store can only provide single choice of color and style, they are unable to satisfy the customer’s requirement of different prescription diopters for each eye, it’s also impossible to allow customers to have the choice of overall matching with swim suit.

RS series custom-made products

In 2000 Sable has developed RS Series products which was specially designed for the myopic swimmers with the concept of Health, Recreation, Fashion. RS represents Recreational Swimming Spectacles. Following the service concept of making common optical glasses for daily usage, Sable lenses and frames are detachable and swappable. It provides customers with multi function、multi style、multi color frames、accessories and three kind of lenses with prescription diopters to choose. Sable allows myopic swimmers to customize their own myopic prescription swimming goggles.

From 2000 to 2010, Sable has released 3 kind of lenses: RS-1 (Hard Coating Lens)、RS-2 (Standard Optical Lens)、RS-3 (Superb Multi Coated Lens), and 6 model of frames: RS-922、RS-101、RS-961、RS-82、RS-923、RS-924. SABLE creates altogether 29 kind of options for matching of myopic prescription goggles, allows customers to customize their own swimming goggles that best fit.


Please follow the 5 steps to select the style, color and proper lens diopters suitable for you.

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